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Hi! I'm Brendan. I love IT. I also freelance. What does that spell? - B…IT…LANCE.

I've clocked up over nine years of industry experience working in IT as a web developer in Perth WA.

You could say I have a bit of street cred after winning the Faculty Award for my bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Software Engineering in 2015.

A bit of background

My first projects

My first projects spawned from family and friends wishing to take their businesses online. After doing such a great job, they told their friends and colleagues who wanted the same treatment.

Nearly all of my clients have found me through referrals based on prior work - so I must be doing something right.

My focus

My focus is on helping small to medium sized organisations establish or improve their online presence and finding new ways to streamline workflows and improve productivity through software.

HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery, MySQL and PHP are all strong in my vocabulary. I've also dabbled in other languages when a project requires it.

My commitments

While I do like to get paid for my work (who doesn't?) I currently volunteer time building and maintaining websites for non-for-profit organisations locally in Perth.

If you are a non-for-profit who would like some love, please drop me an email and I'll see where I can help out.

What I can do for you

When people ask what I do - I say ‘build websites’. But a more thorough list would be:

Concept artwork
System modelling
Domains & Servers
Hosting administration
Server & data migration
Fix or improve existing sites

I have a bit of a geeky yet strictly platonic attraction to the Perch CMS which many of my clients are happily using to manage their own website.

If your company has more specific needs, I'm also eager to build a bespoke web application that is tailored to your business processes.

Or you may have an existing application you wish to extend - I'm easy.

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